Electronic Employee Onboarding (formerly FLIGHT)

Now included in HUB and WorkforceHUB from SwipeClock

Onboarding furthers HUB’s goal of a single employee universe from the moment of hire through the full employment cycle.

  • Electronic completion and signatures on required federal and state forms
  • Federal W4, I9 forms
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Notice of Exchanges and Subsidies
  • State withholding forms
  • Custom documents (Non-competes, non-disclosures, handbooks, etc…)
  • Integrated WOTC processing
  • Direct deposit capture and authorization
  • Pre-built new hire question library (courtesy of HRAnswerLink)
  • Easy to use custom questionnaire builder
  • Branded as the new hire’s employer
  • Integrated with your payroll platform

Onboarding helps speed new hires to productivity and improves hiring manager satisfaction

Electronic signatures on federal and state documents, even on company documents like handbooks.

Integrated WOTC processing

Collect any information from the new hire with custom questionnaires

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