A partner utility for HUB administration, secure file delivery and email.

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With the growing demand for security, no business big or small wants to be the victim of a data breach. Many small businesses in the financial services industry (payroll, accounting, etc…) are constantly sending/receiving information with:

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Bank Account Numbers
  • Account Numbers
  • Credit Card Information

With FileGuardian, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that this information is secured using the latest enterprise-level encryption, hashing and auditing technology.


  • Securely send files/email to clients, vendors and partners
  • Integrate directly into your website and email signature to receive files from clients, vendors and partners securely
  • Built-in read receipts and delivery confirmation
  • Schedule deliveries for the future
  • Complete file and email audit history
  • Transparent enterprise level encryption
  • Integrated virus scanning
  • Customizable message and file retention policies
  • Proactive notifications when recipients are having trouble and when files have been uploaded to your secure post office
  • Customizable branding
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • McAfee secure accreditation
  • SAS 70 Type II certified data centers

Security made simple

No encryption or security knowledge necessary

What type of information should you be sending securely?
Any file that contains SSNs, Bank Account Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, Account Numbers, Financial Data or other business or personally identifiable information should never be sent via e-mail or fax. These files should be sent using FileGuardian to protect your business and your clients.

What types of files can FileGuardian send and receive?
Any file type can be sent through FileGuardian. To date the most popular file types include: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .qbb, .qbx, .qbw, .zip, .ppt, .pptx, .txt, .log.

What security accreditations has FileGuardian achieved?

McAfee SECURE sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams

How is your data secured with FileGuardian?
FileGuardian guarantees that your data is encrypted from the moment it leaves your computer, until the instant your intended recipient receives it. With out-of-the-box features like unique file encryption, integrated virus scanning, delivery confirmation and access history tracking, you will be assured that your data is securely stored encrypted and that the only people seeing your data are you and your recipients.

Will your clients be affected by FileGuardian?
YES, but in a good way, since you’ll be protecting their personal information. FileGuardian’s simple and secure delivery platform has been well received by hundreds of thousands of recipients nationwide.

Your data security, breach and regulatory compliance insurance

Keeping you in compliance with the latest data encryption legislation

Recommended by your peers

Need automation?

The next generation of automated report, pay stub and extract file delivery

No human or robot assistance required

Remember the old infomercial “Set it and forget it”? We like to think of FileGuardian in the same manner.

The moment files are created, FileGuardian detects the need to send these files securely to your clients, partners and vendors. Delivery is completed within a matter of seconds utilizing FileGuardian’s industry-leading encryption and secure delivery platform without the need of any human involvement.

For payroll service bureaus, FileGuardian extends your secure payroll report, quarterly report, employee check stub and employee W2/1099 delivery options. With over 100 bureaus using FileGuardian today, it’s become the standard in the payroll industry for automated secure delivery.


  • Integrated with a number of leading payroll software platforms
  • Recommended solution for MasterTax and other third-party tax quarterly package delivery
  • Install on any number of computers/services in your office
  • Receive proactive email notifications when files are unable to be sent
  • Detailed reporting available on all activity
  • Pay per use pricing

Note: FileGuardian from SwipeClock now includes former FGX functionality

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