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Secure file transfer and email made easy. Send/receive securely from anywhere in the world, including directly from Outlook.

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Automated secure file delivery, including payroll reports, employee pay stubs & 401k/GL extracts to name a few.

Now Included with FileGuardian

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Bringing the world of text messaging and automated email alerts to the payroll industry.

Now included with FileGuardian

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Your client’s company intranet: ESS, HRIS, time and attendance, PTO request management and more in a single package.

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HUB has advanced our offerings to allow us to be ahead of the curve in the payroll industry. With their offerings, we are able to offer our clients features that they don't even receive with the 9 billion dollar payroll companies. If you own a payroll company or any company that has the ability to use Shugo's offerings, please utilize them!

Kevin WelchOwner, Journey Employer Solutions

FileGuardian eliminates concerns regarding stolen company or personal information. It's been so well accepted by our employees and clients and really sets us apart from the competition. Our intent is to never receive or transmit company or personally identifiable information without using FileGuardian.

Rex HavertyPresident, Payroll Network

HUB's security and automation tools for payroll services are the missing links in so many payroll service bureau software platforms (leaving those software vendors thinking to themselves "why didn't we think of that?"). Well, truth be told, many payroll software providers have thought of these things, but either failed to execute or executed so poorly that their clients never adopted these features.

Andy HairgrovePartner, Unify Payroll